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Oct 23rd, 2006 - Updated

The hearing on throwing out our Collective Bargaining Contracts was adjourned once again. The Court has scheduled status updates for Monday, November 6, 2006.

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Ex-Execs want Delphi to Pay Their Legal Bills - The Ex-executives who left Delphi want the company to pay their legal bills for the investigation probes into financial wrongdoing at Delphi. The lawyers for J.T. Battenberg, Alan Dawes, and other ex-executives and ex-managers filed the request last week in court.  Economic Times (India) article.  (Oct 23, 2006)


Note - Just a FYI note.  There is a massive layoff in our department, Past Model Year/Short Order. 45 people out of 71 have been laid off for the week of Oct 23rd, leaving only 26 working.  I'm a part of the layoff so will be a bit out-of-the-loop during the next week or so.  (J. Oct 22, 2006)


Buyout Firm Preparing Bid For Delphi - Ripplewood, a buyout firm, is preparing a likely bid for Delphi that could top $10 Billion dollars.  Washington Post article. Here's the Bloomberg article. (Oct 21, 2006)


The 2005 Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Delphi - This is a 290 page pdf court document.  The Table of Contents alone looks to be very interesting.  Link found over at DetNews. (Oct 20, 2006)

Delphi Supplier May Cut Workers - Creative Engineered Polymer Products (CEPP), is a custom molder and extruder of rubber and plastic products from Akron Ohio, with Delphi as their 2nd largest supplier.  The employees were given WARN letters (Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification) stating that the plant would be closing by December 2nd.  Trib article. (Oct 20, 2006)

Lawyers for Delphi and the Unions say Labor Talks are Progressing - The hearing on throwing out our collective bargaining contract has been continued.  The Judge gave Delphi until November 8th to continue negotiations with the unions, but by Monday, November 6th, Delphi must notify the court whether it wants to negotiate further or resume the court fight. After the threat last month that Delphi lawyers might specifically target our Local 717 union at Packard Electric to have only our contracts thrown out -- there was no mention of us in that private closed-door meeting with the Judge on Thursday. Interesting that there was no discussion about Packard after their blind-sided gut-punch last month. MLive article. The Tribune one is here(Oct 20, 2006)


Ex-Delphi Execs Face Civil Fraud Charges - The SEC is expected to file civil fraud charges later this month against up to a dozen former Delphi executives, following a 27 month investigation into accounting fraud. The criminal investigation by the FBI and the US Postal Inspection is still ongoing. DetNews article.  (Oct 19, 2006)

"By any measure, the fraud at Delphi -- which hid Delphi's slide into bankruptcy -- is among the most egregious schemes to defraud investors in recent history," the plaintiffs said in a 147-page court filing in Detroit signed by Southfield lawyer Debra Pevos.

The filing suggested there were $440 million in sham transactions.

All of those suits have been consolidated in front of U.S. District Judge Gerald E. Rosen in Detroit, who hasn't ruled on whether they can go forward.

Delphi's $58 Million Legal Bills in Question - The Creditors Committee has found several discrepancies in the monthly fee statements of Delphi's attorneys and questioned some of these legal bills in a court filing on Monday.  Detroit Free Press article, the DetNews one is here(Oct 19, 2006)


Ford Gets Cut Off by Top Supplier - Collins & Aikman (also a supplier in bankruptcy) took a very unusual step last weekend and cut off deliveries to Ford over a pricing dispute. The dispute involved several millions of dollars for their instrument panels, carpeting, and other plastic parts used in the Ford Fusion.  This caused Ford to temporarily shutdown a Mexican assembly plant. The shipments resumed the next day though.  Bloomberg article.  Oct 18, 2006


Hourly Wages After Taxes - Unofficial worksheet comparing wages for $10 hour, $9 hr, $8 hr, $7 hr, $6 hr, and our current wage of $28.84, minus their taxes.  This will give a general idea of approximate take-home pay depending on what future jobs we take after this Delphi fiasco.  (Joyce - Oct 14, 2006)


Threat to Local Plant Eases - Vindicator article Oct 14th. It's a bit more vague than the Tribune one, but does mention in the 2nd to last paragraph something the Trib didn't point out:

If Delphi uses temporary workers after that date (Dec. 31st), workers who accepted buyouts will have the opportunity to take those jobs, Arbogast said. Retirees, however, would not be able to take those jobs.

WYTV Channel 33 - Watch the TV33 video news clip about Delphi's latest from Friday, Oct 13th.

Packard Keeps 'Core' Status - Tribune article Oct 14th. The lead union negotiator said that Packard Electric's management has reaffirmed the company's intention to continue operating our 5 local core plants once Delphi leaves bankruptcy.  BUT, the Delphi spokesman, Lindsay Williams, was very cautious about his tone, acknowledging that although progress has been made in talks with Local 717, much work still remains if Warren is to become viable and remain core.

Also in the article a new development - workers who wish to stay after January 1st can do so as temporary workers, at $10 an hour with no benefits, according to Arbogast.

A few more quotes from the Tribune article:

Arbogast said the progress came after union bargainers met with their Delphi Packard counterparts ‘‘almost continuously’’ last week, and spent their evenings discussing issues with their financial advisers, the Chanin Group. He said the goal was to meet the auto parts needs of Delphi’s largest customer, GM, as well as Delphi and union membership issues.

‘‘GM was very worried’’ about maintaining a supply of the electrical wiring harnesses that Delphi Packard makes, Arbogast said. ‘‘When we were in Troy (Mich.) the last time, they were at the table, and should have been. Packard’s a major supplier.’’

During the week of talks, the union acknowledged it can’t offer competitive wages on some businesses, Arbogast said. Other operations were on the list to be moved or already have been moved, he noted.

The Banberry line, which makes rubber compound for spark plug boots and other insulation, has been moved, as has the pull-to-seat operation in Plant 14, Arbogast said.

The Plant 15 battery cable business has dwindled for years as the division has ‘‘lost virtually every order to China,’’ he said.

The BEC molding assembly in Plant 19, along with the component assembly business in Plant 46 also are on the list, Arbogast said. The component assembly is slated for another Delphi division.

Some groundskeeping work and some trucking activity will disappear because the ‘‘footprint’’ does away with shipping some material between plants.

But management agreed to work with the union to try to keep some businesses that were on the outsourcing list. The businesses include some low-volume cable and metal stamping, inside plant maintenance and some construction, along with using some new tool-and-die equipment which could lead to future work.

The issue Delphi Packard and the union face is how to maintain that production after 3,130 workers — more than expected — took lump-sum payments or other incentives to retire or quit, leaving the division with about 660 workers. The division plans to have 1,033 workers when it emerges from bankruptcy next year. To fill the gap, the union agreed that the division hire as many as 300 temporary workers at $10 an hour.

Between 900 and 1,000 workers left, but many others plan to keep working at regular pay and benefits until the Jan. 1 departure date.

Delphi Packard has brought in 58 temporary workers so far, Arbogast said. He declined to say how many are still with the company, saying he’ll let the company ‘‘talk about how many temps are still working.’’

Delphi’s Williams said he has no update on temporary workers because ‘‘there’s such fluctuations. You have people hired in, those who have quit. It changes weekly.’’  Tribune Chronicle article.  (Oct 14, 2006)

Delphi Contract Progress Pleases Union - Vindy article.  (Oct 14, 2006)


No More Union Cuts at Delphi - UAW President Gettelfinger said they will not accept any further job cuts after the massive attrition program and hasn't ruled out a strike. He slammed Delphi management and their lawyers for continuing to rake in huge salaries and fees while slicing the blue-collar workforce. "They're devious, they're cunning, they're callous, and all they care about is what they can get for themselves," he said. "They're nothing but a bunch of greedy hogs sitting at the trough."  Detroit News article.  (Oct 11, 2006)

GM, Delphi, and Creditors Near Accord, May Avert Strike - People with knowledge of the private negotiations say Delphi is near an agreement with GM and the Creditors which may help avoid a strike. The accord calls for GM to subsidize workers pay and to prolong contracts for parts, which should lock-in future revenue for Delphi. Negotiations on the final aid from GM may be concluded this month.  Bloomberg article.  (Oct 11, 2006)

Delphi designates another division for possible sale - Delphi has decided to put another line into non-core, the Power Products line, and will be placing them into the Automotive Holding Group (AHG), where the product goes to be fixed, closed, or sold. The Power Products produce power lift gates, power deck lids, power sliding doors, and power cinching latches and strikers. These facilities are in Ohio, Troy Michigan, Mexico, and Portugal.  Reuters article. (Oct 11, 2006)


UAW President: No More Concessions for Delphi - UAW President Ron Gettelfinger said this morning that negotiations with Delphi are finished. “If you take the supplemental agreement and the attrition package that they have in place, that puts the company where they need to be by any stretch of the imagination.  There's nothing else left for us to negotiate."  Detroit Free Press article. (Oct 10, 2006)

Delphi touts area division's expertise - On Monday, Delphi issued a Press Release touting the electrical design and complex production of wiring harnesses to meet the growing demands of it's customers. But Packard Electric is currently on Delphi's 'hit list', so it's difficult to say what this news release would mean for us in Warren, Ohio.  Tribune Article. (Oct 10, 2006)


Made in 'DeUnionized' America - New auto parts industry springing up in Michigan - non-union sweatshops in America staffed with many immigrants. Another interesting read. Monthly Review article. (Oct 6, 2006)

Cerberus May Invest in Bankrupt Delphi - Cerberus, a private equity capital management firm, may invest in Delphi. There's some interesting bits in that Bloomberg article.  (Oct 6, 2006)


Downsizing Delphi - The Fight for Survival - TV21 Newsclip.  Talia Hagler, a reporter from wfmj, was in Michigan interviewing the Union Leaders on Tuesday. The whole union committee was there along with the company. No resolutions were made but the union was encouraged by the small steps that had been taken today.

Information was flowing from both sides according to the report, and they were pleased with the day, but a lot of work is yet to be done.  Other IUE plants are further along in discussions than the Warren plant, but they're hopeful these talks will prompt more progress on a new local agreement. Local talks are now on hold until the union receives the Financial information from the company that they've requested.

Willie Thorpe had a message for those of us at Packard Electric, "And the best thing I can tell the Warren Ohio people, is to be patient."  (Oct 4, 2006)


Managers Death called Big Loss - Luke Lukasko, Packard Electric Human Resources Director, age 51, died suddenly on Saturday. He was the 2nd Leader to die unexpectedly during this Delphi crisis, the other was Henry Reichard, age 55, the lead bargainer for the IUE who had died suddenly from a massive heart attack. Another high-profile death was that of Delphi CEO Steve Millers wife, Maggie, who passed away in August after a brain tumor had been diagnosed in late May.

Willie Thorpe, the lead bargainer now for the IUE, said the union will be seeking information today (Monday) from the company to help set the stage for further bargaining of wages, benefits, jobs, work rules, etc. Both the union and the company negotiators were supposed to be meeting in Michigan on Monday in an attempt to resolve disagreements.  Tribune article. (Oct 3, 2006)


Union Denies Stonewalling Talks - Don Arbogast, Shop Chairman of IUE 717, talks about the 'Site Rationalization Plan' that Delphi handed him in late August, and the 'National Term Sheet'. The Term Sheet is a wage and benefit proposal, the one that Delphi gave to the unions in late March, and all the unions had rejected. In response to IUE Attorney Kennedy's remarks that Delphi may specifically target our local union and void the labor contract only with local 717 on October 19th - Arbogast welcomed this as it would give him a chance to testify in court.  Tribune article.  (Sept 30, 2006)

Delphi & Local Union Leaders Blame Each Other Over Contract Talks - wfmj channel 21 has a video of their report last night, along with a conversation with Don Arbogast. It's listed under their 'Top Videos'. (Sept 30, 2006)

Delphi Bankruptcy Agreement In Works - Top level executives have been in New York for weeks now hammering out an agreement to bring Delphi out of bankruptcy, and they expect an agreement to happen soon. They apparently have a tentative agreement with billionaire David Tepper, head of Appaloosa Management, the hedge-fund firm who had bought up a lot of Delphi's stocks right before/or shortly after Delphi filed for bankruptcy last year. Appaloosa would infuse Billions of dollars into Delphi to control up to a third of the company's stock once it emerges from bankruptcy.

According to the Wall Street Journal, those top senior auto executives included Delphi CEO Steve Miller, GM's Chief Financial Officer Frederick Henderson, and David Tepper, the hedge-fund Billionaire from Appaloosa Management, the one who's been a thorn in Delphi's side for months now. (Sept 30, 2006)


Delphi Packard Status at Risk - Labor talks have entered a dangerous phase an auto analyst said.  Also, Trumbull County Commissioner, Paul Heltzel, having always been under the impression that Packard had some of the company's best and necessary facilities, had summed this up very well -- "It came out of left field," he said. "It’s like getting kicked when we’re down."  Tribune article (Sept 29, 2006)

Delphi Reports August Loss of $533 Million - In its latest operating report to the bankruptcy court, Delphi reported that it lost $533 million during August, due mainly to the buyouts and early retirements which took charges of $372 million for those. August revenues totaled $1.6 Billion dollars. (Sept 29, 2006)


Suddenly, out of the blue on Thursday, the foremen in our Dept 4852, Short Order, advised us that people will be leaving our department, with their last day tomorrow! The last we had heard, we were going to be there until the very end, December. This came as a huge shock, especially after the announcement earlier in the day that Delphi may close or sell Packard, and may also attempt to scrap our labor agreements, but only at our union.

There will be 5 people leaving from dayturn with the retirement and buyouts, and I believe 12 AM people being allowed to transfer to their new jobs, some next Monday and others later in November. On PM turn nobody was told they could leave who had opted for the buyout/retirement, but of those staying at Packard, one transfers Monday, and the other is tentative for October 16th. The 5 people on dayturn who are leaving Packard had previously asked to leave at the earliest openings. We were told tonight if we'd like to leave before the end of the year, just indicate this to the foremen, and when openings occur more people will be able to leave.  wow... (Sept 29, 2006)

Delphi warns union leaders All Packard Plants are in jeopardy, company says - Delphi ratchets up the heat, saying a lack of cooperation from union leaders could result in a shutdown of all our plants.  Vindy article.  (Sept 29, 2006)

Packard Electric at Risk - In bankruptcy court, Delphi's lawyers said they may move Packard from a core facility to non-core, which means it could be sold or closed, if no labor agreement can be reached with our local union. The lawyer for the IUE said that Delphi indicated it might file motions October 19th to scrap our labor agreements and modify the retirees health care, but ONLY at the Warren operations.  Tribune article. (Sept 29, 2006)

Breaking News report at 12 noon Sept 28th on TV Channel 27, WKBN:
Rumblings came out of Federal Bankruptcy court in New York where the company and the unions were updating Judge Drain on their ongoing labor discussions, which revealed some startling news for the Packard Electric plant in Warren, Ohio. Apparently Delphi lawyers had said there has been slow progress in bargaining with Local 717, and because of that the company may be considering moving the plants here in Warren to non-core status -- meaning they would close.

I guess this means we can enjoy many more months of stress, anxiety, fear, with questions galore, many probably going unanswered, along with rumors running rampant, as this next scene plays out.  (disgusted J.)


Delphi Strikes Deal to Outsource their Information Technologies Operations - Apparently Delphi has struck deals with 2 of the largest providers of outsourcing services; Electronic Data Systems Corp, and Hewlett-Packard Company. 'The outsourcing of IT services will enable them to reduce their IT Supplier Base from 100 to fewer than 10 direct suppliers'. Delphi asked the judge for permission to file this agreement confidentially with the court.  Akron Beacon Journal article. (Sept 28, 2006)

Motor City Madness - It's 'Miller Time' in Motor City U.S.A.  Even though this article is a year old, it's still a good read.  From the October 2005 issue of Canadian Business Magazine.  (Sept 28, 2006)


By taking into account the 5,000 UAW members who will transition to GM by September 2007, along with the 20,100 that signed up for the retirement and buyouts, this comes out to 25,100 UAW & IUE hourly workers leaving Delphi, out of the approximately 27,500 who were still here as of June 30, 2006. The percentage would be closer to 91% of the total membership who were eligible to participate between the UAW & IUE.  To have only 2,400 experienced workers left out of 27,500 - is a huge loss of experience. That's a tremendous amount of knowledge being lost. 

But those numbers above may be a bit skewed. In a March 31, 2006 Delphi court document it stated there were approximately 33,100 union hourly workers.  If by June 25, 2006 there were only 27,500 hourly workers left, that would mean 5,600 have already left Delphi between March and June of this year.

With 33,100 hourly workers in March 2006 and 25,100 UAW & IUE leaving through the attrition program, that will leave 8,000 workers remaining at Delphi. Possibly. It's so hard to say with their constantly changing hourly workforce numbers.   (Joyce)

 23,300 UAW total  (March 31, 2006 court doc.)
-13,800 UAW taking Retirement & Buyouts
- 5,000 UAW who can transition to GM
   4,500 Total UAW left experienced & those who weren't eligible (newer hires?)
14,733 UAW eligible to participate (Aug 11, 2006 UAW Statement)
-13,800 UAW taking Retirement & Buyouts
933 Total UAW staying out of those eligible to participate
  This is approximately 93% total UAW leaving who were eligible

73% of Delphi hourly workforce opt for the Special Attrition Program - approx 13,800 UAW and 6,300 IUE, for a total of 20,100 workers, will be leaving Delphi by the end of December, out of about 27,500 employees, leaving around 7,400 left. But there are another 5,000 UAW members who could return to GM, so that may leave Delphi with only 2,400 experienced operators after all this is said and done.  Link is to the New York Times, the Tribune one is here, and the Delphi Press Release is here(Sept 27, 2006)


Delphi delays announcement of how many workers taking buyouts - Delphi is missing data from several plants.  Hopes to have the attrition totals by Tuesday morning, Sept 26th. Akron Beacon Journal article.  (Sept 26, 2006)

Shrewd Magna grabs Detroit's Surplus Parts - Auto supplier Magna International is in low-key negotiations with GM to cherry pick the best assets of Delphi. The obstacles are Delphi workers union status, as Magna's own workforce is mostly non-union. Toronto Star article. (Sept 26, 2006)

BorgWarner latest auto parts maker to cut jobs - Automaker production cuts are rippling through the supplier industry. BorgWarner will eliminate approximately 13% of it's North American work force and Lear Corp. Their 850 North American job cuts will be spread across 19 facilities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and should be completed by the end of October. Sioux City Journal article. (Sept 26, 2006)

Auto Retail Giant may buy Delphi Plant - Auto racing legend Roger Penske was scouting the Delphi Steering Plant in Michigan this month. ABC12.com report.  (Sept 26, 2006)

1,332 take Delphi Lockport Buyout - UAW Lockport, New York.  Buffalo Business First article.  (Sept 26, 2006)


(The above comments in the Message Section are just my own take on events.  It's nothing Official).

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Important Links

IUE-CWA 'Special Attrition Program':
Final Special Attrition Program -
Final agreement, signed, 5 page pdf Court document, June 16, 2006
Benefit Guarantee -
Between GM and IUE, SEC Report filed 11-5-05
Benefit Guarantee Full Version -
SEC Report Full Version, UAW, IUE, and USW Guarantees also included

Benefit Center Retirement Initiation Worksheet -- Delphi sporadically handing these worksheets out.  July 11th, 2006
Pension Retirement Worksheet - Same worksheet as the one above, but this version has an additional line at the bottom for the Employee's Home Phone Number.  pdf doc. 101kb (August 2nd)

Packard Electric Attrition Reports:
Attrition Report July 20th, 2006 -
Cut-off date for the 710 Production jobs is 2/25/85 Seniority, as of July 20th.
Attrition Report July 27th, 2006 -
Cut-off date for the 710 Production jobs is 5/11/88 Seniority, as of July 27th.
Attrition Report August 2nd, 2006 -
Cut-off date for the 710 Production jobs is 11/8/93 Seniority, as of Aug. 2nd.
Attrition Report August 4th, 2006 -
Cut-off date for the 710 Production jobs is 2/7/94 Seniority, as of Aug. 4th.
Attrition Report August 7th, 2006 -
Cut-off date for the 710 Production jobs is 8/8/94 Seniority, as of Aug. 7th.
Attrition Report August 8th, 2006 -
Cut-off date for the 710 Production jobs is 7/2/00 Seniority, as of Aug. 8th.
Attrition Report as of August 9th, 2006 at 5:00pm -
As of Wednesday at 5pm, (the ending time to submit the forms for the Attrition Program), there were a total of 3,385 people who had signed-up to leave Packard.
Attrition Report as of August 14th, 2006 at 8am -
As of Monday at 8am, it appears there were 10 people who had withdrawn their forms and have opted to stay.  Posted in-plant August 14th.
Attrition Report as of August 15th, 2006 at 8am -
As of Tuesday at 8am, it appears there were 35 more people who had withdrawn their forms and have opted to stay.  Posted in-plant August 15th.
Attrition Report as of Wednesday at 8am, August 16, 2006 -
It appears there were 58 more people who had withdrawn their paperwork as of 8am on Wednesday.  There were 8 hours left before the final lock-in.
Attrition Report Final as of Aug. 16th, 2006 at 5pm -
Final Report. Posted in-plant Thursday, August 17th, 2006.

Attrition Recap Totals (Unofficial) - A recap of the Final ending totals, with additional info we normally scribbled each night. (Done by me so it's unofficial of course).  (Joyce, Aug. 18, 2006)

Attrition Reports Summaries are now on a separate webpage - August 19, 2006


Buyout & Bonus: (updated July 22nd)
Take Home Pay approximates - This is nothing official!  Just a personal worksheet I made for possible scenarios.

Pension Calculations for the 85's, 88's, 93's, and 94's taking the 'MSR':  (updated July 13th)
(Redone June 24th & July 13th with more accurate formulas taken from the red 2003 Pension Plan Supplemental Agreement Book)
'Mutually Satisfactory Retirement' - This is nothing Official!  Just a personal worksheet I made for possible scenarios.
(50+ (but not 65) years old / 10+ years of service)

Formulas and Tables included in the above link:
Base Hourly Rates
- from Page 80 of the red 2003 Pension Plan Agreement Book
Basic Benefit Monthly Rates
- from Page 6 of the 2003 Pension Plan Agreement Book
Temporary Benefit Monthly Rates
- from Page 8 of the '03 Pension Plan Agreement Book
Ohio Tax Table by Income

Basic Pension & Temporary Benefits are Not reduced for age for Mutuals -- pages 156/157 of the 2003 National Agreement


IUE Questions and Answers:
Questions & Answers
compiled from the meetings on Monday, June 26th, handed out in-plant on Friday. (scanned into pdf format, 726kb - J.)
Some Unofficial Questions and Answers -
small portion of some Q&A's from June 26th, not verbatim
Retirement Questions (Joyce) -
Streamlined June 25th, 2 pages
Questions & Answers -
IUE distribution June 19th, 2006, (transposed into pdf doc by J.)


UAW Question & Answers:
Q&A from UAW Local 1097on the 'SAP'
**Very Informative**  Delphi UAW Local, Latest update June 10th
More Q&A from UAW 1097, Rumor Roundup -
**Very Informative**
Q&A from UAW Local 696 -
**Very Informative** Latest update June 23rd (New Link)


UAW & GM Official Documents:
UAW Website -
Delphi Update page
Special Attrition Program -
UAW/Delphi/GM proposal, pdf document, March 2006
Special Attrition Program -
Framework Agreement, March 22nd, 2006, pdf doc
June 9th Supplement to the Special Attrition Program
(adding the Buyouts and 26 years pre-retirement)
Delphi's Consensual Agreement Proposal -
the Slash and Burn wage and benefit proposal, pdf document
UAW's Pension Contract Highlights -
Rolling Yearly Increase for Pensions included
Healthcare Settlement Agreement -
Health care modifications, 75 page pdf document (linked from futureoftheunion, not UAW)
Healthcare Settlement Statement -
UAW statement on Settlement Agreement of health care changes, Oct 20, 2005
GM 10K 2006 Report --
Health Agreement MOU with the UAW, October 29, 2005 (page 73-90), pdf doc.
Delphi Attacks Workers and Spoils Execs -
UAW Ron Gettlefinger, Dec 2, 2005

Delphi Bankruptcy:
Delphi Corp. Website
Delphi Docket -
Bankruptcy Court Documents & Information (required by law)
Delphi Bankruptcy News - Issue #1 -
(Legacy Issues, long text document)
Official Court Document -
(Claimed events leading to bankruptcy, Legacy issues, pdf document)
Motion 1114 -
(Motion to cancel the Collective Bargaining agreement for the Retirees)

Delphi Press Releases:
Delphi Announces Results of IUE-CWA Hourly Special Attrition Plan -
August 18, 2006
Delphi Granted Continuance of Section 1113/1114 Proceedings -
August 17, 2006
Delphi Names New Chief Accounting Officer -
August 15, 2006
Delphi Reports First Half Financial Results -
August 15, 2006
Delphi Comments on Timing of Resumption of Section 1113/1114 Hearings -
August 11, 2006
Delphi Completes Sale of U.S. Battery Plant to JCI -
August 2, 2006
Delphi Retains Rothschild to Explore Strategic Sale Options for for Interiors Business -
July 24, 2006
Delphi Reports Fourth Quarter and Calendar Year 2005 Financial Results -
July 11, 2006
Delphi Announces Preliminary Acceptance Results for UAW-GM-Delphi Hourly Special Attrition Plan -
June 26, 2006
Delphi, IUE-CWA and GM Agree on Hourly Special Attrition Plan -
June 16, 2006
Delphi Outlines Transformation Plan -
March 31, 2006
Delphi, UAW and GM Agree on Hourly Special Attrition Plan -
March 22, 2006
Delphi, GM & Unions To Continue Talks -
February 17, 2006
Delphi Focuses Efforts On Reaching Consensual Agreement -
December 20, 2005
Delphi and GM Agree to Accelerate Discussions; Delphi Extends Timetable for Sec. 1113/1114 Filing -
Nov. 28, 2005
Delphi Receives Final Court Approval of $4.5 Billion Financing Package -
October 27, 2005
Delphi Corporation Makes Changes to Executive Compensation -
October 17, 2005
Delphi Receives Court Approval of First Day Motions -
October 12, 2005
Delphi Names Chief Financial Officer -
October 8, 2005
Delphi Corporation Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Business Reorganization -
October 8, 2005
Delphi Names David M. Sherbin as New General Counsel -
October 3, 2005
Delphi Confirms Continued Discussions -
September 28, 2005
Delphi Reports Second Quarter Results -
August 8, 2005
Delphi Completes Financial Restatement -
June 30, 2005
Delphi Names New Chairman: Robert S. "Steve" Miller to Succeed Founding Chairman -
June 23, 2005
Delphi Completes $2.8 Billion Refinancing Plan -
June 15, 2005
Delphi's Battenberg to Retire this Year -
February 23, 2005
Delphi Continues Transformation Progress in 2004 -
January 20, 2005

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

News Articles referenced in the Retirement Questions & Answers:
GM: Flirting with the Nuclear Option -
(GM attempts concessions on Health Care)
Corporate America's Legacy Costs - Now for the Reckoning -
(Delphi and GM)
A Bumpy Road for Delphi, GM, and U.S. Auto Workers 

Tribune Chronicle & Youngstown Vindicator Articles:  (most Tribune links will be broken within several weeks)
Delphi Federal Hearing Delayed -
to Monday, September 18, 2006. Vindicator article.  (Aug 18, 2006)
Bankruptcy Judge Delays Delphi Hearings until Friday --
Tribune Chronicle.  (Aug 17, 2006)
Delphi work force is cut -
Tribune Chronicle, Thursday 1am, August 17th, 2006
Delphi's Case to Void GM Supply Pacts set for Sept. 28 -
Youngstown Business Journal  (Aug 15, 2006)

Union hopes court can fix Delphi pacts -
(broken link) Tribune Chronicle, Saturday August 12, 2006
3,400 take Packard's buyout deal -
Youngstown Vindicator, Saturday August 12, 2006
Delphi Delay to be used for talks -
(broken link) Tribune Chronicle, Friday Aug. 11, 2006
With so many seeking buyouts, how will Packard staff plants? -
Youngstown Vindicator, Friday Aug. 11, 2006
Delphi Delays Bankruptcy Hearings -
Youngstown Vindicator, Friday August 11, 2006
Delphi Hearing Delayed -
(broken link)  Tribune, Thursday August 10, 2006
3,385 IUE Members Sign Up for Buyouts -
Youngstown Business Journal, Thursday August 10, 2006
Thousands Take Buyouts -
(broken link) Tribune Chronicle, Thursday August 10, 2006

Other News Articles:
Delphi has 2.6 Billion First Half Loss on Attrition -
Bloomberg article. (Aug. 15, 2006))
Delphi to pay Chief Accountant Timko $375,000/Year Salary -  
EasyBourse, French article.  (Aug 15, 2006)


Acronym's referenced in the Special Attrition Program:
'HRP' =
Delphi Hourly-Rate Employees Pension Plan
Other Post-Employment Benefits
?? (no idea)


Important Phone Numbers:
Hourly Personnel
phone numbers at Packard are -- 330-373-3421 and 330-373-3420.
IUE-CWA Local 717
- Phone 330-392-1591
Fidelity Benefit Center
- Phone 1-877-389-2374; Pension, Layoff Benefits, Savings Plans (Delphi Benefits)

IUE-CWA Website
IUE-CWA Automotive Conference Board Website
IUE-CWA Local 717 -
(website appears to be in construction) Packard Electric Division, Warren Ohio, Phone 330-392-1591
IUE-CWA Local 798 -
Credited Service Hours in Tenths with Conversion Table (Very Handy!!)
Credited Service Hours in Tenths - slight tweak of IUE-798's Table by J.  (July 24th, 2006)
UAW Website -
Delphi Update page

How Many U.S. Hourly Employees Does Delphi Really Have? - J. nit  August 20, 2006
Hourly Wages After Taxes - Unofficial worksheet comparing wages minus their taxes for take-home pay

Forums, Discussion Groups, Rumor Control Q&A's, and Blogs:
Jimmy Martin (Benefit Rep) Website -
Jimmy's Unofficial Website.  July 18th, 2006
Jimmy's Forum -
July 18th, 2006
IUE 717 Delphi Solidarity Blog
Dawn is down on the Battery Line in Plant 15.  July 24th, 2006
Future of the Union - Blog archive for Delphi information
Jalopnik - Blog archive for Delphi information
UAW Forum - Discussion forum
UAW 686 - Delphi Automotive Forum
Factory Rats Forum - scroll down the page for the forum
Rumor Roundup - Q&A's from UAW 1097 - very informative
Rumor Control - Q&A's from UAW Local 696 - very informative

Benefits and Insurance:
Delphi Benefits - Fidelity Benefit Center 1-877-389-2374; Pension, Layoff Benefits, Savings Plans
Delphi National Benefit Center

Job Searches and Training:    July 26th, 2006
OneStop Ohio -
Helps jobseekers find jobs, assists in creating resumes, preparing for job interviews, & retraining
Job Searches in Ohio
Aerotek.com -
Employment Services Agency (Aug. 20, 2006)

Withholding Calculator -
from PenSoft, for Federal tax, FICA SS, and FICA HI  *Nice Calculator*
Federal Tax Withholding Calculator
Ohio Income Tax Rates
     Weekly Ohio Withholding Table
- effective Oct 1, 2006
     Monthly Ohio Withholding Table - effective Oct 1, 2006
     Main Index for Ohio Withholding Tables
Social Security Calculator
Calculators from Choose to Save
Calculators from MyCalculators

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission - Info on CD's, Bonds, Mutuals, Money Market Funds, etc.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 version - To view .pdf documents, it's recommended to download the latest 7.0 Version.


Joyce C.
IUE-CWA Local 717 member
(Not a Union Representative)
Delphi Packard Electric Division, Warren Ohio
Dept. 4852 pm (Past Model Year/Short Order)
1988 Seniority, eligible for the 50/10 Mutual Retirement


This is not an Official IUE-CWA, Delphi Corporation, or General Motors website.  It's just a gathering of important information and links by a concerned worker, during these troublesome and uncertain times.